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OGC Building Fund Campaign

Guiding Light: Building Our Lighthouse of Grace

Oasis of Grace Church Building Fund Campaign

Guiding Light: Building Our Lighthouse of Grace

Welcome to "Guiding Light: Building Our Lighthouse of Grace" – an inspiring campaign where the radiance of Psalm 18:28, "You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light," serves as our guiding beacon.

At Oasis of Grace Church, our mission is clear: Love God, Care for People, Share God's Grace. Now, we invite you to be a vital part of this transformative journey as we embark on the mission to expand our spiritual home.

Why "Guiding Light"?

Just as a lighthouse stands tall to illuminate the darkest seas, our church envisions becoming a beacon of hope, casting the light of love, care, and God's grace to all who seek refuge. The metaphor of a lighthouse perfectly encapsulates our commitment to providing a steadfast and unwavering presence in our community.

Psalm 18:28 - A Foundation of Faith

The verse from Psalm 18:28 encapsulates our faith in action. Together, we are embarking on a project to build not just walls and roofs but to create a sacred space where God's light can shine brightly. With your support, we aim to turn the darkness of uncertainty into the radiant glow of hope, faith, and love.

Oasis of Grace Church Mission: Love God, Care for People, Share God's Grace

Our mission statement is not just a set of words; it is a calling to live out our faith in practical, meaningful ways. By contributing to "Guiding Light," you are not just helping us construct a building; you are actively participating in the realization of a community hub that embodies God's love, cares for its people, and shares the boundless grace we've received.

How You Can Help:


DONATE: Your financial support is instrumental in making this vision a reality. Every contribution, big or small, is a brick in the foundation of our lighthouse.

SHOP: Purchase a customized product of your choice from our shop and help us get a step closer to bringing this dream to life! Proceeds go toward building up our future home.

SPREAD THE WORD: Share the news of "Guiding Light" with your friends, family, and community. Let them know about the transformative journey we're on and invite them to join us.

As we embark on this transformative journey, let "Guiding Light" be a testament to our shared commitment to building a Lighthouse of Grace that will stand as a symbol of God's love and a refuge for all. Together, let's turn our vision into a reality and continue to be a guiding light in the lives of those around us.


Ways to Give

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